We believe there is no heavier burden in the world today than unfulfilled human potential.

We are on a mission to help every sales professional become their best by unlocking their untapped, unseen, and unexplored self. 

We enable business leadership, sales, and customer-facing teams bring Skill and Will together to achieve peak performance.



“Unlocking peak performance through Contextual, On-Demand, & Personalised Coaching.”



We are interconnected. There is no room for us vs them, me vs you. We always have each other's back.


We value action over words, and passion over apathy. We are doers that are self-aware of our strengths and weaknesses.


We are curious, eager, and enthusiastic about pushing the limits of what is possible.


We are courageous, because we are continually learning, and strive to balance the theory and practice of performance science.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple yet powerful: we believe in unlocking the potential of every individual within organizations. By understanding what drives each person and empowering them to be their best, we fuel the success of teams and companies.

At our core is a commitment to continuous growth and action. We believe in constantly seeking new perspectives and having the courage to act on them. Our mission is clear: to reduce the toll of poor performance, both financially and personally. Through instant, actionable coaching nudges, we empower individuals and teams to take charge of their performance journey, driving lasting success and fulfillment.

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Unlocking Peak Performance: The Skwill Approach

Grounded in the Neuroscience of Performance, we understand that individual behavior is the key driver of success. With two essential components—SKILL (how we act) and WILL (how we feel and think)—we unlock the power within each individual.

In every professional’s day, pivotal moments demand the seamless integration of skill and will to achieve results. Your behavior in these moments determines success or failure in your role.

At Skwill, we blend human insight with AI expertise to provide personalized, actionable coaching precisely when you need it most, ensuring peak performance in critical events.


Founder & CEO

Anoop is a visionary leader committed to making coaching accessible to all, by combining behavioural science, human expertise, and power of AI. 

Direct | Fast-Paced | Committed
Archetype: Captain

Anoop sets challenging, precise objectives and encourage others to move at a fast pace to achieve them.

Head of Coaching

Anisha is an entrepreneurial leader, mindset coach, mentor committed to empowering professionals to overcome barriers, achieve aspirations.

Pioneering | Adventurous | Casual
Archetype: Influencer

Anisha tends to be adventurous and persuasive, eager to explore new paths and find creative solutions.

Shreya Sharma

Customer Experience Designer

Shreya is a passionate UI/UX designer merging science and art for impactful digital experiences. 

Organized | Reliable | Meticulous
Archetype: Editor

Shreya tends to be meticulously detail-oriented and formal, open to long discussions to understand the truth about something.

Gayatri Pandey

Backend Developer

Gayatri is an experienced backend developer proficient in crafting clean, efficient Python code skilled in a wide range of backend technologies.

Diligent | Meticulous | Collected
Archetype: Editor
Gayatri tends to be pragmatic, reliable, accurate, and is unlikely to let details slip through the cracks. 


Non Executive Director
Dynamic | Spontaneous | Visionary
Archetype: Initiator

Kevin tends to be decisive and energized by ideas, favouring action over analysis and the big picture over details.

Advisor - Enterprise Products

Shanker is a people focussed technologist enabling companies leverage technology to transform businesses, raise standards, and add value to communities globally. 

Determined | Persuasive | Ambitious
Archetype: Driver

Shanker tends to be bold and direct in communication, favouring the big picture over details and swift action over analysis.

Advisor - Big Behavioural Data

Suresh is an expert in big unstructured data, ML, transformer language models, bridging tech, academia, and practical applications.

Persuasive | Independent | Determined
Archetype: Driver

Suresh is likely to be comfortable with direct communication, taking the lead in groups, and taking calculated risks.

Advisor - Behavioural Finance

Andreas is an acclaimed academic and consultant skilled in behavioral finance, international accounting, neuromining, and experimental behavioural research.

Vigourous | Competitive | Focused
Archetype: Architect

Andreas tends to be direct, fast-paced, and primarily driven by results or goals.

Advisor - Product Architecture

Vinod is a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks where he enables his clients to build and run scalable product architectures.

Steadfast | Methodical | Efficinent
Archetype: Questioner

Vinod tends to prefer decisiveness and direct communication, often questioning exaggerated statements.

Advisor - Customer Experience

Ankita is a Principal Designer at ANZ Bank driving cutting-edge digital solutions for enhanced customer experience.

Hospitable | Trusting | Warm
Archetype: Harmonizer

Ankita is likely to value genuine personal connections and may avoid collaboration that feels transactional or process-focused.

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