We are Skwillers

We believe there is no heavier burden than unfulfilled human potential in the world today.

And, we are on a mission to help every professional become their best by unlocking their untapped, unseen, and unexplored self.

We help business leadership, sales, and customer-facing teams bring together Skill and Will together to improve their performance by driving Mindset change.

Our Values


We are all interconnected. There is no room for us vs them, me vs you. We have each-other's back all times.


We value action over words, passion over apathy. We are doers that are self-aware of our strengths and weakness


We are courageous, because we are continually learning, and strive to balance the theory and practice of performance science


We are curious, eager, and enthusiastic about pushing the limits of what is possible

Unlocking unseen,
unexplored performance potential

Our Philosophy

The human cost of performance is usually hidden and not fully appreciated. That cost is immeasurable, and definitely avoidable. It is extracted across emotional wellbeing, physical health, and loss of motivation.

We believe that to maintain and enhance your performance, you need to constantly uncover new angles and perspectives, and have the conviction to act on them. We are determined to reduce human costs by equipping individuals and teams with the insights required to take control of their performance.


Backed by proven science

According to Neuroscience of Performance, individual behavior drives performance. Behaviour has two components, the visible, an individuals results, and the invisible how we feel and how we think. We call them SKILL [act] and WILL [feel and think].

Every professional’s day is filled with moments that matter which creates an impact to their customers’ and teams. At Skwill, we call these performance events. These performance events trigger a mindset that offers a thought and feeling. This mindset influences behaviour driving them to take action in that moment.

Skwill assesses and measures the WILL of individuals and teams within the company’s unique business context across four key pillars of performance (Focus, Fun, Future, and Foundation), our proprietary 4F model for assessing performance.

Our Journey

Jan 2023

A global technology services company joins our customer list

Apr 2022

Launch of Skwill Diagnostics

Sep 2021

We win our sixth customer, and our first SaaS company.

Jul 2021

Our team expands to 8 as we commence the design and development of Skwill Diagnostics webapp

Apr 2021

Raised $360K in angel funding.

Nov 2020

Santa came early with our first paying customer

Jul 2020

Skwill was born after six months of ideation and research.

Our Founders

Anoop George

Founder  & CEO
Curious, Dreamer, Tinkerer

Anoop has over 25 years of global sales leadership experience building and running products and services businesses. He holds an engineering degree in Computer Science, and a Masters in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University.Anoop strongly believes that the human cost associated with poor performance must be eliminated. This is his second Start-Up.


Shanker Krishnan

Technologist | Evangelist

Kevin Nietzke

ex- Gartner | Advisor

Ankita Thomas

Customer Experience

Vinod Sarma

Technologist | Architect


Uncover the
unseen and unsaid about your

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